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Turn your everyday shopping into everyday giving at no cost to you.

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Thank you for joining Dlyted to help support your favorite cause.

You have taken the first step, what's next?

Browse hundreds of eGift cards from your favorite and trusted brands. From dining to entertainment, travel to clothing & fashion. Or just your everyday shopping like Amazon or Starbucks.
Purchase your eGift card and have it delivered to you electronically, ready to use online or in store within minutes. Every eGift card purchase earns cash for your favorite cause.
Use your purchased eGift card at your convenience. Remember, your earned cash is automatically donated when you purchase your eGift card, not when you use it.
How much cash can you earn for your favorite cause?

Up to 30% of the value of your purchased eGift card, at no cost to you!

Just look for the % on any given eGift card.