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We’re proud to partner with Dlyted in helping to fulfill our mission of helping others be wise with money. Adopting the practice of purchasing a gift card through Dlyted for your normal, every-day purchases can allow you to give back to the cause of your choice while you’re at it. All without giving any extra of your own during this frugal time of saving for college!

Brought to you by Thrivent, we bring our unique, not-for-profit approach to everything we do—putting people before profits in all aspects of our business. It’s the philosophy and the mission we’ve been guided by for over 100 years. One that’s backed by over $116 billion in managed assets of people who trust and believe in a different way of doing business, and a unique way of looking at money as a tool, not a goal. We help our members be wise with money—especially at the beginning of college. Because when our members are more financially secure, they’re free to live more content, confident and generous lives.

Thrivent Student Resources is a thriving hub of tools and resources related to helping you achieve your college dreams with as little debt as possible. We’ve spoken with experts, former/current students, teachers, administrators and parents to collect, aggregate and distribute resources to help you make wise money decisions when it comes to your college experience. Whether you’re going to a trade school, local university, vocational school or any other form of higher education – Thrivent Student Resources wants to get you there with less debt.

Our approach is The New School Mindset. This means to be wiser with your money by only borrowing what you need. Here’s what we believe are the core values of the New School Mindset:
  • Borrow as little as possible to pay for school. Not a dollar more, not a penny less.
  • Look at education as an investment and calculate your ROI. Your loan payment should not be more than 10% of your usual income and you should be able to pay it off in 10 years or less with the right plan.
  • Have a plan of action to fund your education. We can help determine what you need and then track your progress.
  • Don’t leave free money on the table. We have the tools to help you apply for scholarships early and often. Every free dollar helps!

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