The Children's Hunger Project

Each week on Friday, The Children's Hunger Project helps as many elementary school children as possible to carry food home for the weekend in their backpack.

Food items include ravioli or spaghetti and meatballs, milk, juice boxes, breakfast bar, cereal and other food items.

This kid-friendly food is lightweight and easy for kids to handle - no cooking is required. Even if the power is out the kids can still pull the top of the can and eat Beanie Weenies.

On Monday, the kids return to school but with a better and healthier foundation for learning.

Our goal is to ensure that elementary school children, at least on weekends, will have basic nutrition.

Shop these popular brands and give your earned Dlyted cash to the Children's Hunger Project.

AMC - GAP - Petco - TGI Friday's - Southwest Airlines

Macy's - Whole Foods - Airbnb - Uber - Sephora - Nike

Donate At No Cost to This Cause

When you sign up or download the Dlyted App, you can donate your Dlyted Cash to this cause.