What is bUneke [be unique]?

Who are we?

  • WE are a 501c3 charity, created by caring professionals who want to make a difference in this world by publishing an amazing FREE digital magazine that showcases world-changers and difference makers. 
  • WE’ve had 60+ volunteers sign up, from a dozen countries within the first 5 months, with room for more!
  • WE are building a community of truly amazing world citizens, one wonderful human at a time. 
  • WE shine a light on those individuals, businesses and organizations changing the world by being difference-makers. 
  • WE offer positivity, hope and new ideas for self-discovery, caring for others and we show simple ways anyone can make a difference on this earth. 
  • WE offer NEW, exciting nonprofit visual platforms:
    • Visit our website to read our FREE, interactive, monthly publication, bUneke Magazine! 
    • Watch our FREE, fun, current webseries, and other featured videos. 
    • Attend events inspired and hosted by bUneke, celebrating the power of positivity and hope.
    • Coming soon! Free training sessions and scholarships for difference-makers in training.

FOLLOW us! JOIN us! A place to just b U.


Want to Know More?

Our mission is to look beyond today's agenda to inspire, enlighten and encourage authenticity through Philanthropy, Education, Action, Compassion, Evolution, Charity, Optimism, Responsibility and Enthusiasm (P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc.).  P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc. was founded by three professionals to provide options for those interested in learning how they can make a difference in the world.  We do this by showcasing individuals, other nonprofits and businesses with a philanthropic scope, with curated stories from around the globe, in an exciting, new, inspirational publication called bUneke (be unique) Magazine. bUneke Magazine is available on multiple distribution platforms, and combined with the various social media exposure opportunities, the number of people connecting and joining the bUneke movement grows daily. 

While not your typical nonprofit, with only one focused audience, bUneke Magazine gives a voice to many. We find and spotlight the hidden heroes. Our appeal crosses many audiences every issue. Whether it's one woman handing out hats and scarves in Atlanta or a for-profit company in Australia that donates half its proceeds to build toilets in areas of need or a world-changing entrepreneurial enterprise in Africa, bUneke scouts for the stories that give hope and make readers believe in the good of their fellow humans. 


Exciting new issues are released on the first of each month and the interactive digital version is always a free read. There is never a need to sign up or register. Just click and read! 


We have goals!


  1. We’re working hard to create a scholarship and provide free training to world-changers who need a little help getting started.
  2. We intend to pay the professionals who have, thus far, generously given their time and talent to create the stunning material that comprises the pages of not only bUneke Magazine, but our webisode, Coffee or Tea? No Phones Allowed, a bi-weekly series of talks about everyday subjects from a millennial perspective, with other generations as special guests. 
  3. We want to print the magazine on sustainable paper, with plant-based ink and distribute it worldwide, at no cost, to educational institutions and those with limited Internet access. 


Thank you for choosing to support bUneke Magazine, presented by PEACECORE, Inc! We appreciate U!

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