Why Gift Cards And Prepaid Cards Are Better Than Cash Gifts

Why Gift Cards And Prepaid Cards Are Better Than Cash Gifts

Are you planning to gift something to your loved one? Gift cards like Gap gift card and Cheesecake factory e-gift cards are better than cash gifts. Read below…


There isn’t anyone who does not like some extra money. The universal appeal of money has made it a great and popular gift item for special events and occasions. Cash gifts can also help you save time and trouble. Yet if you wish to offer the cash gift properly, you need to get cash from the bank and put it inside a card with a message or note.

However, cash gifts have their own drawbacks. For many people, cash is a gift that tends to lose its value as soon as it is put in the wallet with other bills. So, is there any gift option that is simpler than opening your wallet or purse?

Those who are planning to offer cash gifts for holidays should also consider prepaid cards and gift cards like the Cheesecake factory e-gift cards, as many of these gift cards are accepted as cash and come with numerous benefits that cash gifts lack. Let us have a quick look on the pros of gifting a gift card.

Gift Cards

Convenience is the best feature of gift cards. Users can use these cards in any supermarket or retail store that allow customers to do so. Gift cards can also be purchased online and sent to the intended person via an email or any other online medium.

The federal law prevents gift cards from expiring for a minimum of 5 years from the date of purchase or from the last date in which money was loaded to the card. In addition, state laws also offer additional protection for the gift card programs.

In addition, some of the gift card issuers will replace a stolen or lost gift card, if proof of purchase and the ID number of the card is produced. However, you should understand that you would lose any value that is used by the thief before you report the loss of the card.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards can be used wherever sellers accept MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. In addition, the recipient of the card has the option to add money to the card and continue using it to make purchases.

These cards can also act as a great money management tool. You just need to ensure that you are offering a card that has low or no monthly fee or other user charges. Some of the issuers of prepaid cards also offer consumer protection against fraud loss.

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