Meet the Dlyted Family


DLYTED's GOAL is to enable the GIVING of ONE BILLION Dollars over the Next 5 Years.

Without costing you a penny.

Our MISSION is to make everyday giving Effortless.

With DLYTED, supporting Your favorite Cause is simple and even fun.

After all, it is about Shopping. And being able to Earn and Give.

We want You to be so DLYTED that You'll give regularly, tell Your friends, and BE that force for Good.

Just a few buttons to push with no extra cost.

It's Smart and Good to be DLYTED.

Who We Are

Dlyted is a team of joyful, dedicated professionals who work to make the world a better place. We're a family, taking care of our partners, our customers and each other. In every way, Dlyted is about giving.

Barry Shore
Barry Shore
CEO & Founder
Rick Reynoso
Maurice Gavin
Ken Rochon
Benji Simon
Joyce Nelson
Jim Seaman
David Gollub
Brad Pineau
Lara Buckheit
Brian Watkins
Matt Shaw
Ranlyn T. Hill
Janelle James
Nathan James

How We Started: Barry Shore

Dlyted is the brainchild of Barry Shore. He is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who simply wants to spread joy everywhere. It's impossible not to smile when you meet Barry!

Barry's bright outlook — and Dlyted — is the result of ten years spent fighting and recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that left him a quadriplegic. His resilience and determination enabled him to regain his abilities to walk, build physical strength and live a satisfying life full of love and peace.

Those years gave Barry plenty of time to consider how he could dedicate himself to improving the world. To do the greatest good, he needed others to participate.

He wanted it to cost people nothing to support their favorite cause. It should be fast, easy and fun, and make them feel smart and good. Dlyted was born.

Today, Barry leads the Dlyted team, inspiring us to create joy for everyone we are lucky enough to meet. That includes you!

To see more about Barry's journey and understand how he inspires us every day, check out Barry in his natural habitat.

NB: since this was done, barry has passed 6,221 miles... which is swimming from Venice Beach to S. Korea ;)

Here's the DLYTED Mantra to Share:

As Uber transfroms Transportation

And AirBNB transforms Hospitality

So DLYTED transforms Giving