Dear Dlyted User,

What would an extra $10,000 mean to your cause? Could it serve more people, help more animals, improve more of your community, or save more of the environment? What if you could help raise that money and it didn't cost you a single penny to donate?

We're excited to announce our $10K in 100 Days campaign to help you do just that!

Starting March 20, 2019, Dlyted is launching $10K in 100 Days. Ask your cause to join, if they haven't already, and you and other supporters can help them raise a lot of money!

By shopping and giving with Dlyted through this fun and engaging campaign, you'll see how easy it is to make that one little change to your shopping and buying routine the results in an increase in your daily giving; at not additional cost to you!

What if that $10K meant an extra gift to your cause? Say, $500 from Dlyted?

We want to help your cause raise $10K so we're going to reward if they do. If they reach their $10K goal, with your help, Dlyted will give them a $500 Dlyted Giving Card!

They can use this card to purchase anything they need to help their mission, be it supplies, meals, clothing or anything else.

And What if that $10k started generating more donations throughout the year?

Once you, your family and friends get in the habit of using Dlyted, we know you will continue to use us almost every day! This will result in more giving on your part and significant passive income to your favorite cause throughout the year.

Want Another Reason To Help Raise $10K? "Gimme 5!"

Need a little more motivation to make $10K in 100 Days a success. For each person you refer to Dlyted and who registers and makes their first e-gift card purchase, we'll deposit $5.00 into your Dlyted account to use as you'd like.

You can enlist family members, friends, co-workers and associates. You can multiply giving and every purchase they make means more donations to your cause!

Dlyted has a special referral section that makes it easy. Your supporter just enters their family's or friend's name and email address while logged into their account and we take care of the message and call to action.

Dlyted Makes Everyday Giving Easy!

You know Dlyted is a great way to raise money for your cause. Now you can make a real difference; a $10,000 difference!

Let us know you're in! Visit our Facebook page and post a message letting us and the world know you are helping! Use the hashtag #10K100Days

If you have any questions or want to get your cause registered for $10K in 100 Days, email us: